The Bracket: Round 2 Begins


Round 1 is finally complete! Half of our 32 shows are now sitting in the losers bracket, where one more loss will result in their elimination. The #7 and 8 seeds, Barakamon and Stardust Crusaders, notably fell to opponents with much lower potential – or so I thought. For the most part, though, the higher seeds prevailed, winning 12 of the 16 initial matches. Also notable are the very different fates of the two most popular genres in the tournament. Only two of the seven action/adventure/fantasy series (Noragami and Rozen Maiden) won their first matches, while five of our six comedies advanced to winners round 2. We’ll see whether that trend holds going forward.

Matchups to watch for:

Sabagebu! (#25) vs. Aldnoah.Zero (#9): Outside of maybe Kyousougiga, Sabagebu! is our best hope at a 20-something seed making it to the later rounds. How will its colorful, hyper violent tone compare with Aldnoah’s more realistic approach to warfare?

Watamote (#2) vs. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (#15): This will be a battle of laughs between what might be the two best comedies of the tournament. Whichever one gets knocked into losers will be a terror in that lower bracket, for sure.

Kyousougiga (#29) vs. Gatchaman Crowds (#20): This is the losers bracket matchup I’m dreading the most. I don’t want to lose either of these stylish action shows just yet, especially since each of their second episodes showed so much promise.

The next time I make one of these posts (and I’m not making any promises or predictions about when that’ll be, since it took me ages to get through the first round), eight series will be out of the running. I’m eager to start separating the wheat from the chaff, but winners bracket matches come first.

NEXT UP: Mushishi vs. Your Lie in April, Sabagebu! vs. Aldnoah.Zero


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